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From my story, to my allergen free and vegan artisan home bakery

Hello, I'm Marta.

I have been living with multiple food intolerances since 2008, so I have personally experienced the many challenges people with special dietary requirements face. Cooking and baking has always been an essential part of my everyday life, and I was adjusting to my new diet and new ways of cooking pretty well. At the same time though I've found, that other allergy sufferers I knew, struggled with finding tasty and safe foods to eat. Not to mention eating out or ordering takeaway. 

As time went by, I had a growing desire to create delicious and safe allergen free foods not only for myself, but for others as well. 

In October 2016, I have opened my dedicated gluten-free artisan home bakery, providing allergen free and vegan cakes, loaves, pies, muffins, sourdough breads and more, in and around the area of South-East London.




Quality and Certified

In the majority of my bakes I use our own certified gluten free flour blends from our MIMEN range. MIMEN stands for “Multiple Intolerances Managed to be Enjoyed & to Nourish". These flour blends are produced in our family run certified gluten free factories, using the finest Italian chickpea flour, buckwheat, millet and cassava flours. These ingredients are naturally rich in fibre and protein, and full of nutrients. 
Our entire MIMEN range is free from gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, soya, nuts, rice, corn, potato, oat, all the top 14 allergens and is vegan too.

In some of the cakes I use our Alfa-Mix, our certified gluten free, all-purpose flour blend. These cakes are also free from dairy and the other main allergens but they do contain free range eggs. 

All my bakes are free from refined sugars as well.

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Top 14 allergen free & vegan bakery products 

"A hidden gem in South East London" 

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What's in it? Good to know...

MILLET was known and grown in ancient cultures, it is highly nutritious compared to the major cereals, and also easy to digest. It contains low phytic acid, seven amino acids and it is rich in dietary fibre, iron, calcium and B vitamins.

BUCKWHEAT, despite the name is not related to wheat. It has a high concentration of all essential amino acids, also rich in iron, zinc, selenium, elemental salts and fibres. It helps to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels.

CHICKPEA is rich in proteins, fibres, minerals such as iron, phosphorus, thiamin, vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc. It also has a low glycemic index. Chickpea provides a pleasant taste and texture in our products.

CASSAVA also known as TAPIOCA, is rich in calcium and vitamin C, and also contains a significant quantity of thiamin, riboflavin and nicotine acid. It’s starch content makes it a popular ingredient in gluten and wheat free products.